3 Sneakers & A Beast

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Everyone at Hush has a severe shoe and sneakers addiction. We can not get enough of simple and great sneakers especially. Just the other day we stumbled up on a new brand called “Casper And The Beast”.

These classic sneakers are among the best we have seen in a very long time. They only have two models of sneakers so it makes it all a whole lot more interesting. The runner is more original of the two, but they both are great models. At the end of the lace there are tips made out of brass that give that extra detail.

The second model comes from Erik Schedin (read Erik’s interview here). Here is even a more rare thing, He has only made one model in two colors, black and white. The super simplicity of these sneakers is good in the sense that what ever you wear they will be a complement instead of taking over the whole outfit.

Finally, the third one is from one of the best brands there ever was, Helmut Lang. The brand is back as many of us know, and has been for a while now. But when Hush saw the new slip-on sneakers we were sold. There are some details, but those details has the same color as the rest of the calfskin and gives them a more futuristic look.


Beast Runner, Casper And The Beast, €201

beast runner black men shoes

Leather Sneaker, Erik Schedin, €212

white leather sneakers men


Textured Leather Slip-On, Helmut Lang, €229

helmut lang shoes men

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