The Aman Canal Grande, Venice, Italy

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Earlier this summer, a part of the Hush crew was running around Venice working. At one point we were in need of a Bellini so we decided to find a lush and spectacular setting in a city that already looks like a painting from every view and angle. Our choice became the Aman Canal Grande.

This hotel overlooks, as you might figure out from the name, the Canal Grande that sweeps thru the city on the water. It has been restored to perfection, but mixed with new design and furniture.

Venice Aman

The mix between the old and the new, has been made to perfection. Every room has views over the gardens or the canal. Being that the building is a 16th century Palazzo gives the feeling of old school glamour, something that should be infused more to our day and age.

The Venice Aman

Room at the Aman

aman library

If you can’t stay here then try to get a drink or a Bellini in the garden and enjoy the views of Venice’s life at the Canal Grande.

For more inquiries go to Aman or contact them at +39 041 2707333


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