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In the fashion industry, there are only a few legends like Andrew Davis in the fashion industry. The creative director for Wonderland and Rollacoaster Magazine’s is funny and outrages, and such a killer when it comes to fashion. Hush got the opportunity to catch up with this dress wearing genius.


Why fashion?
Anal bleaching was hazardous apparently  the fumes rot your septum .

What defines your style?
A dress and a big shoe topped with a baseball cap .

 andrew davis Underwear

Your favorite piece of clothing?
Junior Gaultier X ray print long sleeved t shirt from the early 90’s

If you could only wear one designer/brand for the rest of your life who would it be?
Helmut Lang but the original not that shite now .

What is the most stylish thing a man can wear?
Chic underwear .  SunSpel

Davis Andrew

Who is the best dressed man at the moment?
Lionel Ritchie . I had dinner with him last month and for his age he’s rocking it .

Name one type of accessory that a man should not live without?
A cute assistant

What is your grooming secret?
Raw honey all over the face then sit in a hot Epsom salt bath . Wash off after 45 minutes . Better than any product over the counter .

If you could have invented one fashion item, what would it be?
The buttock split tanga brief .

Finally, you are hosting a dinner, you would you invite dead or alive and why?
I never host dinner parties I can’t bare there peoples voices at night . I like to cook for my husband . He’s mute.

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Andrew Davis

A long time fashion blogger, a Model, & who works in fashion that loves Champagne, macaroons, shoes & good company! What more needs to be said? Oh yeah he might be Clark Kent...

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