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Angie just joined the HUSH crew and she is giving the readers a woman’s point of view on men’s fashion and lifestyle. She has been working with local fashion and lifestyle events like Malmö Modenatt, styling backstage at fashion shows like the Haute Couture show with Lars Wallin at Modelive and also been working with online fashion shops like Boozt.com for the past five years. Lately she just started working on a fashion/makeover project with focus on men….

Here is the Angie story, hope you like her as much as we do!

Who are you?

Urban nomad, Polish gal, Kitty kat, Russian spy, Digital freak, Flamenco dancer, Yoga lover, Stylista, Individualista…I have many faces! 🙂

How did you start?

I have always been very curious about life and how you can express yourself in different ways, either it is through fashion, dance, food, etc. I’m self taught when it comes to my passions and whatever I do or try, I want to go all in and feel it with all senses. My father is an artist and that’s where my creative side comes from. Since I remember I have always had an eye for details, colours, shapes, and trying to put it all together in my own way.

What makes you you?

I have been moving around since little kid, a nomad that finds it easy to adapt to new places and connect with people. Lots of those environmental changes and meetings with new people is what has been inspiring me.

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What 3 words describes you?

Creative, passionate and edgy.

What you want people to know?

Hm, I’m not the person who likes to talk about myself or scream out who I am, rather like to be incognito and the one who observes. I’m very alert and like to listen what people have to say. I think that’s why many folks approach me and asks me for advice, whether its personal or fashion wise, and I love to help people and make them happy! And I’m a perfectionista!

What Inspires you?

I surround myself with people who has a strong character and opinions and that’s what inspires me most and pushes me forward. I also try to attend different kind of events, cultural spots, where there is both an intellectual and a visual exchange.

What is your favorite piece of clothing/accessory?

I have a weakness for shoes, as usually Polish women do! 😉 I love both a sexy pair of black hills or a pair of edgy wedge sneakers. A pair of nice shoes works as a best accessory. But the most important thing to remember is that they have to be clean and the hill has to be perfect.

What can’t you live without?

Dark chocolate, red wine, great comedy or documentary, Lenny Kravitz, my family and friends, the sea, painting, catching nice moments with my Nikon, conversations about life…nail polish.

What makes you tick?

I have a weakness for things that are cool, edgy, aesthetic, and exiting.

Welcome to the Crew Angie! – The Hush Crew

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We are the Hush crew! We are the editors of Hush & we have a big passion for Fashion, We will try to deliver the best & the must haves that we find and like. We think we can be your Men's fashion & lifestyle inspiration. Keep it HUSH! Stay tuned and stay cool! - Big love the Hush Crew

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