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In 1923, at Seventh Avenue and 17th street, Barney Pressman founded and opened his small menswear store. It grew over the decades, adding on women’s wear and became more prestigious, it attracted people that dreamed about purchasing that specific fashion item that was selected by the Barney’s buyers.

In 1993, Barney’s left its original location in Downtown and moved to its massive mansion on Madison Avenue. The Madison Avenue, Upper West Side and Brooklyn locations are  thriving ones, but it seems like Barney’s needed to go back to where it all began.

The new Barney’s was designed by Steven Harris Architects and the design of the department store works like a perfect extension to the Madison Flagship. Sleek and classic design, with the stunning five story anchor staircase that is a piece of art by itself. Another good thing about the opening of Barney’s Chelsea, is that Barney’s shoppers on lower Manhattan, now doesn’t have to go uptown to their favorite department store. That means closer and more convenient shopping, but also more environmentally correct. Those long taxi rides uptown are no longer needed.

Contact & more information:

Barney’s Downtown
101 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Website: barneys nyc

Barney's Downtown

Barneys Downtown


Barney's Downtown

Barneys Downtown

Barney's Downtown
Barneys Downtown
Barney's Downtown

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