Beard grooming – How to shave & maintain a nice beard!

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Beard grooming has been a hot topic for the past three years and facial hair care products has shot up in popularity. Men are faced with a number of difficult choices and it’s not longer about which shave foam to go for.

Hush had a little chat with some experts from the barber industry to help you to take your shaving routine to the next level and give you some tips on how to grow and maintain a perfect beard! Before we get to the growing, it’s about to find the right technique of the shaving. Another essential thing is to invest in a good blade. You should use a razor instead of an electric shaver. Razors, compared to electric shavers, deliver exceptionally close results and exfoliate the skin in the process.
Then there a products that will make your shaving job much easier.
OK, so this is how we do it:

  1. Pre-shave oil: Put some shaving oil for a smooth shave. The pre shave oil stays on the surface, oxidizes and gives you a smooth surface to work with.
  2. Prepare: Take a hot shower or a put a hot towel around your face. The heat will open up the skin pores. Using the towel, let it stay for about 15 to 45 seconds, depending on how thick your hair is.
  3. Pre-shave lotion: A lotion will soften the hair, but remember to avoid silicone based gels. They will make your skin dry and exaggerate the aging process.
  4. Soap: Skip your shaving foam! A good quality shaving soap contains a high level of fat and glycerin that locks the water, softens the beards and hydrates the skin. Always apply the soap with the badger hair brush, which will also help to peel the skin and help to prevent ingrown hairs.
  5. Shave: You should hold your blade with a 90-degree angle and shave with the growth. As mentioned before, remember to invest in a good blade. You can use a modern one like Gillette Mach3 or go for a more classic blade like the Edwin Jagger razor.
  6. Ice cold towel: A cold towel will close the skin pores and prevent the hair to grow back.
  7. Moisturizing balm: Now moisturize the skin with a balm that will sooth the skin effleurage.


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Don’t give up!

If you feel like you don’t have the time for all those steps, the most important things will be to always have a sharp blade and the right technique of the cutting. If your skin is a bit sensitive or dry, try at least to use the pre and after shave balms.

When it comes to the beard, men should take care of their facial hair as much as they take care of the hair on their heads. Don’t you think? So, if you are growing your facial hair you probably want to know how to maintain a great look and shape of your stubbly glory. Remember to visit your barber at least once a month to fix the shape.

The trend today is to have a “Square masculine” shape which will extend the chin and give you a more masculine profile. The beard should then end just a half centimeter above the Adam’s apple.


Beard grooming done right

So, what you can do at home is to try to keep it tidy and in shape.
When shaving try to go slow to the line to avoid accidental over shaving.
These is how you can maintain a great look:

  1. Shampoo the beard with your hair shampoo.
  2. Condition the beard wit your hair conditioner.
  3. Brush your beard with a good quality boar’s hair brush stretching the skin.
  1. Use a paste for beard and mustache. A pea-size amount is all you need.
  2. Use an oil that will moisturize the hair and skin and add extra glow.
  3. You can also use moisturizing balm if your skin is itching especially during winter.

You can now go ahead and make some room in your bathroom cabinet for new grooming products. Why not start the year with some new routines!

Happy Grooming 🙂

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