Graphic Jewels – The Quatre Collection by Boucheron

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When it comes to men and jewelry there is always a fine line between classy and tacky. Most men only wear wedding bands, others just a watch and then there are the ones that will wear bracelets and rings to match their outfits.

When you decide to buy a piece of jewelry that costs as much as a small house, make sure that you buy something that will go with what you own and that will last a lifetime. A brand that makes that kind of jewelry is the classic French jeweler Boucheron. Their Quatre collection is a very graphic line and is made in a big selection of precious metals and diamonds.

The Quatre Black Edition is the best part of this collection. Hush’s favorite piece is the large ring without diamonds. Inspired by the Boucheron codes, the understated elegance of the design is spectacular. Made out of white gold and black PVD, it is one of those pieces that can speak for it self, at the same time it does not take over but completes an outfit. It is sold at Boucheron around the world and price is by request.

Boucheron Quatre


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