A Fashion paradox – Would you wear Brown shoes with a Black suit?

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Let’s be a little controversial in fashion!
There is nothing more fun than breaking a hard-fast 
fashion rule
like you should never mix brown with black. 
Well, let’s rethink!

We know that black is not very flexible and it is a “heavy color”.
When it comes to matching shoes with a black suit, what is usually recommended is charcoal grey or navy blue shoes. Be if we rethink, its not about the color,
its all about the contrasts!

If your pant material is dark-toned, go for a lighter colored shoe. That’s it.
Who said “brown” only means “deep brown”? So rethink again and go for some nice pair of tan shoes. And hey, look at these trendsetters that dare and look amazing!

brown shoes brown shoes brown shoes

Natalia or Angie, her artistic alter ego, is an explorer always looking for an expression. Working with e-commerce and fashion events and lately with styling projects for men, she has an eye for details, quality and shapes. She believes it's more important that your shoes are clean rather than what brand they are! She will give HUSH what we would like to call "A Woman's View".

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