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Having a great selection of bags is important. You have to look good for work, travel and during your time off.  Swedish high-street brand COS have a smaller collection of bags made in technical fabric and twill cotton, in a dark blue color that are perfect.

All three of them cost below € 130.00 and that is what we call, a good shopping catch. You can actually buy all three of them and not break your credit-card.

The first one is the tote made in cotton twill and this one is perfect for casual days in the city or at the beach. There are no un-necessary details on it and it has both shorter and longer handles, so you can choose how you want to carry you bag. It retails for € 49.00.

COS accessories bag

The second one is made from a technical fabric. It has several smaller pockets and compartments, and this can come in handy when travelling or using it for work. Except for the smaller handles it also have a detachable grosgrain strap. It retails for € 99.00

COS accessories bag


Finally, the third and last one is a briefcase. Also made in the technical fabric, it has a padded compartment so your iMac or PC-laptop can be transported more safely. It holds many similarities to the larger tote when it comes to the design and feel of it. It retails for € 125.00.

COS accessories bag


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