Death Of The Skinny Jeans

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For many years, the skinny jeans have ruled the fashion world, especially on the men’s side. Skinny is not a bad thing, but just don’t let it take over your wardrobe.

Also, do not buy any kind of skinny anything that looks like you painted them on to your legs. There is nothing more un-sexy than seeing a guy with jeans or slacks that are so tight that it makes his upper-body look like it was attached to a pair insect legs.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, there are some good jeans and slacks that works when skinnier. It always works when something is fitted and adjusted directly when you buy it or if you take it to a tailor to have your new slacks or jeans adjusted to your body. We all have different type of bodies and tailors are the best ones to make sure that what you buy looks like it was made specially for you.

Another way of knowing to move on from one trend to another is when you see people that you never thought would wear a pair of skinny jeans actually starts to wear them. That is when fashion has drizzled all the way down to your local supermarket and into the hands of people that honestly do not care about fashion, or what they wear.

So now, try a pair of slightly looser slacks and jeans. Nothing way too over sized unless you are secure in your fashion sense. The Hush favorites are the Filippa K Noah Gabardine  that are among the most stylish and comfortable trousers that you will ever try. So go to your wardrobe and throw out your skinniest jeans, because they are officially dead.

Noah Gabardine € 175.00 Filippa K



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