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To dress right during summer can be a challenge at times. When do you wear shorts? Or is it ok to walk around with sandals? There are many questions that our readers have and Hush will guide all of you thru your style choices. And when in doubt, just make sure that you go for a safe pick for your summer looks.


The Cocktail Party

You get invited to a cocktail party and usually you would go for a full suit. Here is your dilemma, the weather is warm and somewhat humid. A full suit would be impossible to wear, so what would be a good outfit to wear for such an occasion? Keep it casual, but still classic. A shirt with rolled up arms, a pair of trousers that are somewhat fitted and loafers without any socks to make the look more summer oriented. The accessories are very important here, and the best one is most likely a watch. We recommend a watch from the Bulgari Octo collection. Sleek, classic and does not pull all the attention from your outfit.

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Bulgari Octo Collection:

Chillout With Friends

You might be on vacation in Dubai, home in Stockholm or flying to London to meet up with some of your great friends. The more relaxed look is what you want to go for, but how relaxed can you really be? What if you guys end up at a restaurant during the day and you haven’t had the chance to change before going? Well then just make sure that what you wear before leaving in the morning will function for almost every endeavour during the day. A nice t-shirt from Acne, classic slacks and sneakers from Common Projects is a great bet. Always bring some kind of long-sleeved choice if it is required at a restaurant or bar that you would like to go to. You do not want to get rejected at the door.

summer looks

Common Project’s:

The Beach & The Pool

Key objective here, even if you are going the beach or a pool, doesn’t mean that you can miss match your outfit. Always make sure that you look stylish even when going to the beach, and the reason for that is that you never know who you are going to meet. A good beach bag, a pair of Orlebar Brown shorts, a simple polo, Persol glasses and a pair of Lanvin slip-on sneakers is a perfect look. Don’t be afraid to put some color to you look, but not too much. You don’t want to look like Liberace at his pool in Vegas.

summer look

Orlebar Brown:

The Safe Choice

So what is a safe choice? A safe choice is something that can work anywhere at any time. It is an outfit that can work when you travel, party, relax, shop and the list continues. The best color scheme for a safe outfit is navy-blue. It is a classic color, but still not as uptight as black can tend to be. Monochrome the look with a shirt or a long-sleeved t-shirt in the same color, this gives a more uniformed look. To finish the look, get a pair of Oxford’s from Church, also without socks, to complete the look. Make sure that if you are wearing a bag and your watches wrist band is black then the shoes should also be in black. You can’t go wrong with a look like this.

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