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Grooming can mean many things! In this article we will help you with your skincare, What you are supposed to buy and how your face should be taken care of!

Sometimes it might seem like a jungle out there to find the right products, but Hush will try and simplify it for you guys. We will recommend a regime that will help you guys in the mornings and the evening.

Here is what Hush recommends in the following:


Always wash your face after you had your shower in the morning. To make sure that the skin is perfectly clean before you put on you eye- and face-cream.

Ren Skincare Rosa Centifolia Foaming Cleanser 150ml €16.00


Ren clean skincare


Apply your eye-cream gently just below your eyes. Do not rub it on the skin, dab lightly and just make sure that you use just enough cream for the skin to absorb it.

Ren Skincare Firm And Lift Eye Cream 15ml €35.00

Firm And Lift Eye Cream 15ml €35.00


Finally put the face-cream on. Apply the cream on your fingertips and massage it on to the skin gently. Do not use too much cream because that can make your skin look oily and un-healthy.

Ren Skincare Youth Vitality Day Cream 50ml €38.00

Ren Clean skincare

During the Day:

Make sure to always bring some kind of lip-balm and hand-cream during the day. Dry lips and hands are not representable in anyway and trust us that people do take notice and it’s better to be sharp at all time.

Ren Skincare Vita Mineral Lip Balm 15ml €11

REn clean


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing 75ml £26.00

Men grooming

Evening Regime:

Before going to bed, make sure to wash your face and then apply face-cream. If you want to take it that extra step then use a night-cream, but it is not necessary. Use the face-wash and face-cream that you have for your daily routine.

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