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We all have tendencies of experimenting with our hairdos, especially if we are more sensitive to fashion trends than the average Joe. We are the ones that tend to push the boundaries slightly more than others. For 2015 there are a couple of ways that you should do you hair.

One is to keep it classic but still not to perfect, 50s styled. The boys at the s/s 2015 Calvin Klein show was sporting that 50s hairdo with high-tech clothing. In that era, the wet pomade hair was something that you would see on almost all men, and it is coming on strong this season.

Another good look is the short and but still a little bit more playful that we saw at the Rag & Bone s/s 2015 show. The idea is that the hair has a controlled mess. If your hair is in the longer category then keep it simple, let it flow and make you natural waves come out.

If you are just tired of keeping up your hair and styling it on a regular basis, then shave it off, but keep it around 2-3 millimeters.

The biggest don’t is the bun. If you have longer hair then please do not put it up in a casual bun. It can look dirty and we have seen it way to many times now. A super sharp hairdo with very clean cuts that are visible is also something that should be kept in the past now. Your short hairdo should fade from shorter lengths to the longer ones. The super sharp hairdos have started to end up on some really bad pop-stars that should not have a career in the first place.


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