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I have always taken good care of my hair as I think it’s your (un)visible crown. Two years ago I came across Kevin Murphy when coloring my hair at a saloon in Warsaw, and it was love from the first sight. I discovered a pro line that is not only paraben, sulphate and perfume free, but it consists of collagen- and elastin-building ingredients among other and I haven’t even mentioned the different hypnotizing scents coming out from each bottle. The design of the products is also very iconic and they are very easy to use and store.

Kevin Murphy is an Australian brand and Mr. Murphy himself claim to fame is his career as a “session stylist”, which means a hairstylist that works on photo shoots for magazines, advertisements and fashion shows. He has been building up the brand for about 15 years now and have educated stylist all over the world to work with his products. Hush had a chat with En trappa upp in Malmö, one of the hair saloons working with his product for several years now, to give you some professional advice when it comes to hair care and styling.



Before we go on and give you some styling tips, we should start with the base. Catrin from En trappa upp is advising to use the STIMULATE-ME line together with the THICK AGAIN spray (see tutorial Here). These products do not only improve micro circulation and assists in hair loss reduction but they will also make fine or thinning hair feel thicker instantly after use! 

After you have prepped your hair you are ready for your styling session:


kevin Murphy

Loose and Undone

When your hair is long, you can use the UN.DRESSED fiber paste to create a natural and undone look. It’s very elastic with flexible hold and gives you a matte texture. If you want to take it to a higher level, prep your hair with HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY, that will give you a more durable styling, more volume and a sexy messy surfer look.

kevin Murphy

Medium Raw

If you have a longer fringe then you can style your hair with FREE.HOLD crème for a flexible and natural shiny look. It has a thickening effect on the hair and will give you a medium hold. If you want to take it to the next level, prep your hair with HAIR.RESORT texturizer that will give you a little more texture and hold than the “HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY“.


Short & Sharp

If you have a short and defined haircut, then you should go for the “NIGHT.RIDER”. It gives you a tough hold and a rough matte texture. Don’t worry that it will stiffen like glue. It also gives you a little time to work the look then it sets. Even here use the HAIR.RESORT for more texture and also fix the look at the end with the SESSION.SPRAY for longer lasting.

To remember about the different pastes/cremes; adjust the amount after your hair and then rub a small amount between palms and distribute evenly through damp or dry hair. The products last very long and if you want to try them out before going all in, then go for  a 40 ml bottle (then you can also choose between 100 ml and 250 ml bottle). Simply, LESS iS MORE!

kevin Murphy
kevin Murphy

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