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You haven’t figure out yet how to rock your SO’s (significant other) world during Valentine’s Day? You both deserve a day off from work, the gym, maybe walks with the dog and late night laundry, so take your time and make Valentine’s day about giving the gift of the year and do something fun!

Here are Hush’s 10 romantic tips for Valentine’s:


1. Grab a bite

A romantic dinner never goes out of style. Choose a restaurant where you will get a really nice food and wine and of course an outstanding service. If you are looking for some unusual dining experience, choose a restaurant where there is piano music in the background if you are a romantic couple, or where the meat is served right at your table in “Rodizio” style if you are meet lovers. If you are a veggie couple, go maybe for a place where they grown their own produce and serve some really fresh menus. If you want to take it to the next level, go for a workshop, where you can cook the dinner together with other couples with a professional cook. Mmm, we are getting hungry over here!


2. Let’s go physical

Guys, we are not talking about that kind of physical! 😉 Enjoy a little activity together where your heart rates races and the endorphins get flowing. Go ahead and spend your day in an amusement park, going skiing or ice skating. If you are an adventures team, go and sky dive together. You will feel the energy flowing and the love growing.


3. Movie time

Catch up on a romantic movie at home or at the cinemas. You can choose to see something hot that just hit the cinemas or just cuddle up in the couch with all your favorite snacks. What about going for these old school rolls; Lost in Translation, Original Sin, True Romance, 50 First Dates, 500 Days of Summer, ChocolatNew York, I Love you or Crazy, Stupid, Love.


4. Spa-day

No one will say no to a spa day or a massage. There are many spa places that offer couple treatments and you can either book a whole body massage or different face and body masks and scrubs. It will leave you bodies smooth and with a nice sense.


5. Get a room

Well, get a hotel room and get comfortable. Changing your surroundings and getting away from dishes and chores at home can make you feel instantly relaxed. You can choose a luxurious hotel in the middle of the city with a great view or go for a country house by the river. Either way, just focus on each other!


6. Do It Yourself

If you know your SO well, then you can try to do something yourself that would be a perfect special gift. Buy a canvas and paint something that would express your feelings. Design your own fragrance, walking into a perfume lab, where you can create your perfect scent and no one else will smell like you. Book a photographer for a private session where you both can participate and then frame these amazing acts of yours. This stuff you will never find in the local stores.


7. Diamonds are forever

You know it right! Women prefer a nice piece of jewellery and men would appreciate a nice watch. Consider what your SO is wearing and surprise your partner with with a nice bling bling. If you are unsure what to buy, gold and diamonds never go out of style.


8. Get way

If you both like to travel, then pack your bag and get away to a place you have been planning to visit for a long time. Depending on the budget, you can either go for a road trip to the closest country side next to the sea or drive up to the mountains and go hiking. You can also jump on the next flight to some warm and far away place and go dive with dolphins. It can’t get more romantic than that!


9. Homebodies

What about just locking yourself in at home and doing absolutely nothing?! And maybe just staying in bed…and turning off the phones and answer machines. Put on some nice music, light up some candles, prepare some champagne and berries and just explore each other. Again.


10. Candy shop

Well, you can never go wrong with chocolate. Simple as that. Something sweet will always put a smile on your face. And don’t just buy a small chocolate box, cook a dinner at home serving a delicious dessert. And please don’t count calories on valentine’s ! 😉

Natalia or Angie, her artistic alter ego, is an explorer always looking for an expression. Working with e-commerce and fashion events and lately with styling projects for men, she has an eye for details, quality and shapes. She believes it's more important that your shoes are clean rather than what brand they are! She will give HUSH what we would like to call "A Woman's View".

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