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Massimo Morello, or also known as Maximo More, is the SESSION.MASTER behind the brand KEVIN.MURPHY. Massimo and Kevin Murphy himself met in Australia after Massimo decided to sell his salon in Italy and move to the lucky country. He was recognized for having a strong passion for fashion and today he is mainly focused on directing fashion weeks, shows on stage to represent the KM brand and educating other stylists. Today he has directed over 100 fashion shows. I myself got a chance to observe his amazing work while he took the role as the Hair Director at the Elite Model Look World Final in November 2017, during my time as Digital Specialist for the KM brand.


Who is Massimo Morello? 

I’m a normal guy that just love what I’m doing! (he is trying to be humble here) I try to be professional but always with a smile, life is to short to take yourself too seriously.

What defines your style/work? 

I like natural hair, but I also love some edgy hairstyles with more expression.

What is your personal style?

Definitely a mix of cozy and sporty. And sneakers! (Don’t forget that he is Italian, so add some colour to it!)

Who or what inspires you in your work or private life?

In my work I get inspired literally by everything. This morning at the airport, I saw a girl with an interesting shape of a pony tail and then my brain started to work… “How about you do like this? Or flip the hair this way?”. Other times, I take inspiration from the catwalk and try to adapt them to the daily life.

In my private life, I get inspired by the world travelers and always think to move someplace new. I get inspired by my mum as well, unusual for an Italian right?! 🙂 (laught) She is a good cook and I love making food as well!

Hair trends for this season for men?

Fusion between mods and rockers! Hipster with a twist. Hair with natural feeling, sophisticated but effortless. Last but not least, genderless!

Massimo & Kevin Murphy

Natalia or Angie, her artistic alter ego, is an explorer always looking for an expression. Working with e-commerce and fashion events and lately with styling projects for men, she has an eye for details, quality and shapes. She believes it's more important that your shoes are clean rather than what brand they are! She will give HUSH what we would like to call "A Woman's View".

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