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Any kind of skincare that is natural and free from parabens, you can be sure that Hush will have a look at it. Danish skincare brand Mol&B has created a set of creams that are kind to your skin.

There are three creams and one face and body oil. The cream that is the most interesting one is the “Visible Facelift”. From the time that you apply it on your skin, it will take five minutes until you start seeing an effect.

Why? It is because it contains Gatuline In-Tense and Gatuline Expression, which is natural plant-extracts that blocks the contractions of the facial muscles and has a natural Botox-effect. We tried it for the recommended twenty-eight days, and it works. At the same time, it does not completely paralyse you face, you will still look like yourself.

Mol&B - Molecular Perfection

The two other creams are the “Anti-Aging Facial Cream” and the “Regenerating Facial Cream”, then finally there is the “Face & Body Oil”. They are all unisex, will do wonders and make you feel great.

We at Hush would never say it unless we tried it. It will not miraculously take off twenty years of your face, but it will give you the perfect boost that we all need.


For more information go to MOL&B 

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