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I had the pleasure to get to know Australian designer Paul Talarico. How I found his and his partners brand is still a mistery to me, but I feel in love with Clemente Talarico the first time I saw one of their campaign pictures. Paul is the sweetest man and creates clothes that are fashionable but still clothes that are wearable.

Who is Paul Talarico?

I often wonder that myself!
Well, I am apart of a partnership with Clement Chuah and together we are the driving force of “Clemente Talarico”. I am 38 with a career always based in men’s fashion design, working 10 years for a large Melbourne men’s wear label before embarking on my own 5 1/2 years ago with my Partner Clem. I am passionate about design and love the whole process of creating something tangible from just a thought or collection of ideas. I enjoy and cherish my family, friends and my partner Clem who is the most amazing, talented and wise person I know. Oh, and I am insanely in love with my miniature schnauzer Harry.


What defines Clemente Talaricos design?

I think it has always been the desire of both Clement and I to create something that was our own and easily identifiable as “Our brand”. We always strive to create something that does not sit “comfortably” in the Melbourne men’s wear landscape which can be a little generic. Our mission is to offer up a collection of fresh ideas every season so we are stimulated by creating and selling the stock, but more importantly our clients enjoy coming to see what is new. For me personally the most important thing is to give our client a “Clemente Talarico” product and not just a carbon copy of another designers or brands work.

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Who is Your style inspiration?

You Paolo…of course! 😉

What is the most important men’s fashion accessory?

Can I say “confidence” without sounding like a tool? You know you could spout of the “what’s hot” and “what you need to have” every time but if the individual who has decided to follow that trend hasn’t got the confidence to pull it off it’s always going to look like crap. I havent really answered your question Paolo, but who has time to go shopping for accessories! I have a business to run bello!

Where and thru what do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration can come from so many different sources every season depending on our theme. This current summer season we have in store has a very American “southwestern” theme, so it was a matter of looking at all the places, cultures and people that define that look. For us we took that southwestern look and gave it a very 50’s feel by the way it was styled and certain pieces in the collection.


– an interview done by Paolo Savi  

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