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I got the pleasure to get a small interview with His Royal Highness Prince Azim of Brunei. Prince Azim answered some questions and now we all can see how fun he really is. I never expected some of the answers, but that makes the whole thing so much more fun. One thing that we now know is that Donatella Versace has a lifetime admirer.

Photo credit: Sean & Seng

What defines your style?
I think that I define my own style. I think that anyone should feel comfortable in what they wear and that they should be confident. I think that it shows in one’s manner if one is just wearing clothes to impress rather than wear something because it’s a reflection of you.

If you could only wear one brand/designer for the rest of Your life, who would it be and why?
I think it would be Versace. Good cut!

versace-fall-winter-2012-campaign-003 versace-fall-winter-2012-campaign-002

What is the most important male accessories and why?
Male bracelets are cool. The chunkier the better, I think. I like a lot of gothic-like accessories. Metal, too.

How does your heritage influence Your personal style?
Big hair!

Who has/had the best men’s style? And why does this person have the best style?
Marilyn Manson! Just see him in a suit at events. Very cutting edge and sharp all in one.

– an interview done by Paolo Savi  

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