Rune Glifberg Rolling in for Matinique

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The new face for Danish brand Matinique is the legendary skater Rune Glifberg, sporting retro inspired shirts, tailored blazers, designs with sharp and classic cuts.  

With him in the campaign is his beloved skateboard. Matinique is going in a different direction from previous years by using someone like Glifberg, instead of male supermodels like for instance Henrik Fallenius as they have in previous campaigns.

Rune Glifberg is an athlete that is more appealing to a younger generation but also to the ones that grew up watching him participate in all of the X-Games. He is now in his forties and his own personal style glows thru and matches Matinique’s classic and very cool Scandinavian designs.  This skater is all grown up wearing some classic slim silhouettes, and he does look good in them.

Rune Glifberg & Matinique

Rune Glifberg by Matinique

Rune Glifberg & Matinique

Rune Glifberg & Matinique

ramp Matinique
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