Smokin’-g hot return – Bring back the gentleman!

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The smoking jacket is hotter than ever! Once only reserved for private wear, it has now become an evening garment for a night in town. The materials and cut has changed over time which gives you even more possibilities for how to wear it! Let’s get smokin’ hot!

For those of you that don’t know the history of the smoking, it worked as a protective piece of clothing during the tobacco era in 17th-century. Back then gentlemen didn’t own wardrobes the size of today so they wore the jacket as a shielding cloth to protect their most prized garments, while having a cigar in-doors.

Usually made of silk, the jacket was suppose to absorb the smoke from the cigar. That’s how the smoking jacket evolved to become a symbol for a gentlemanly style.Smokin’-g hot return – Bring back the gentleman!

As the Victorian era passed and dinner jackets became popular, the smoking continued to be a garment worn ‘by the table’ that gave the gentlemen more flexibility, not having to change after dinner.

Today, the style and the symbol of the smoking jacket has changed to being even more ready-to-wear, partly because the new culture of tobacco being less trendy as a bad choice for a healthy lifestyle and also because we live and dress less conservative.


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Hugo Boss jacket – 580€ Hackett jacket – 645€ Tom Ford Tuxedo – 5550€


The jacket today is a useful part of every man’s wardrobe and made of either velvet, wool, satin or silk gives you more possibilities of either wear it in- or out-doors. Choose between all kind of colors and patterns with even contrasting collars and complete your look with a black bow tie and well- shined shoes. That’s class!

Natalia or Angie, her artistic alter ego, is an explorer always looking for an expression. Working with e-commerce and fashion events and lately with styling projects for men, she has an eye for details, quality and shapes. She believes it's more important that your shoes are clean rather than what brand they are! She will give HUSH what we would like to call "A Woman's View".

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