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A wash bag is something that we all need and should use. Even if you don’t have or use many things for your beauty regimen, keeping the items that you do use in style is always key even if it’s just for a one night sleepover.

Hush has found three different ones in three different price ranges that look good and are in good quality. We know from personal experience that they can last for many years if you buy something of good quality.
Here are our choices

Beauty Case , 8 – € 107.00 at Yoox

Beauty Case, 8 - € 107.00 at Yoox

Blaine Nylon Wash Bag , Burberry – € 275.oo at Matches Fashion

Blaine Nylon Wash Bag, Burberry - € 275.oo at Matches Fashion

Leather-Trimmed Coated Canvas Wash Bag , Saint Laurent – € 425.00 at Mr Porter

Leather Trimmed Coated Canvas Wash Bag, Saint Laurent - € 425.00 at Mr Porter

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