Time It With Something Vintage

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A vintage watch is something that every man should own. Something that
is classic and that will go with the every outfit that one puts on,
but also something that is a statement piece.

However, a statement piece that doesn’t take over an entire outfit. It has to be something that will stand out as a good detail. If you have the possibility to own more than one, then that is even better. A vintage watch never comes cheap, but it is worth it.

We at Hush found three vintage watches that could make your wrist look even more stunning then it does today.

Three brands that you can never go wrong within vintage are; Rolex, Ebel and  Omega .

Rolex, Oyster Perpetual, “Datejust” 1978 – $ 2,722.50

vintage Rolex Oyster 1978

Ebel 18k gold, 1960´s – $ 822.80

Vintage Ebel gold

Omega, 1940’s – $ 786.30

Omega vintage


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