Need to Conceal It? Tom Ford knows how.

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So is it ok for a man to wear any kind of make-up?

Well yes, but only if no one else can tell that you are wearing it.
A concealer is something that is ok to use, it can make your razor nicks, dark circles under your eyes or a red blemish disappear,  and make you more attractive to look at.

So which one should you get? I say the one from Tom Ford. It is perfect for us men, just because Tom Ford made it. It blends great with your skin and no one can ever tell that you have used it, trust me I know since I wear it all the time. Just make sure that you have washed your face and used good skincare (maybe Tom Ford’s skincare line)
before you use it and as well after of course!

All we know is that Tom Ford means business when it comes to making the world a more beautiful place!

This one come in the size of 2.3 G,costs about €40 and can be bought here:
Tom ford for men 


Concealer by tom ford


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