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When Tom Ford tell you to jump, you jump. It is almost like the law of nature. Tom Ford is the man who has helped us to embrace the fact that men can be masculine but still take good care of them selves.

We all should have the etiquette to be our best selves around other people at all time, and the Tom Ford Skincare line and grooming products are perfect for just that matter.

Consisting of eight products, it is fairly easy for anyone to use them. The whole line is great, but one product that Hush has been slightly obsessed with is the concealer. It’s small, easy to use and the packaging is extremely well made. These products do not make you look younger, they make you look your best!

The line consists of:
Hydrating Lip Balm 10 ML ($25)
Concealer 2.3 gr ($40)
Purifying Face Cleanser 150 ML ($48)
Bronzing Gel 75 ML ($48)
Intensive Purifying Mud Mask 100 ML ($60)
Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment 15 ML ($75)
Oil-Free Daily Moisturizer 50 ML ($105)
Skin Revitalizing Concentrate 30 ML ($150)

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